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The community based organisations are the base CCDS integrated comprehensive rural development program. The CBOs provides a platform for the weak and marginalized community to reach out to others and make their voices heard through various networks and programmes.

Self Help Groups:

Objective – The main objective of the program is to reduce the financial dependency of women on men and traditional money lenders and orient them about banking and microfinance and makes them self reliance.

The organisation has developed different women SHGs in different district of Jharkhand, where they are encouraged to make savings as a part of a group of 10-20 members from the same locality. Inter-loaning is then done from this saving to a member who needs the money. In order to generate more income for these savings, the programme is linked to other livelihood generation activities. All the groups have saving account in different national and commercial bank. Few SHGs have also taken loan from bank and doing different income generation activities.
CCDS is presently working with 3500 women in 15 villages and total 475 SHGs have been formed.

Gram Sabha Panchayat Executive Committee (GSPEC) :

Under JTDS The GS-PECs will responsible for implementing all activities relating to MANREGAS, Productivity Enhancement and crop diversification, Small –Scale irrigation, Management of VDF accounts and implementation of IGA activities.

Procurement Groups:

Total 5 procurement groups have been formed under JTDS project. These procurement groups will have members from implementing agency, Gram Sabha, PRIs and veterinary doctor. These groups will be responsible for procuring of Goat, Pig, Poultry and other things.

Farmers Club:

With the support of Jharkahnd State Tribal Cooperative Development Limited (JTDS) has implementing vegetable value chain in Dhalbhumgarh, Gurubanda and Patamda of East Singhbhum. In this process total 6 Farmer’s club have been formed and linked with local bank.

Youth Club:

Under JTDS project CCDS has formed youth club to harness the potential of youth. In this process total 10 Youth Groups have been formed in Sisai block of Gumla District. Approximately 475 youths (Boys & Girls) have been associated with these groups. The Youth group is providing a platform to youth for their social & economical development.