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Chotanagpur Craft Development Society (CCDS) visualized a socially just, educated and egalitarian society free from all forms of exploitation, deprivation and neglected, where proper and judicious utilization of human, natural and institutional resources are ensured.


Entrustment of an equitable society, free from all forms of deprivation, neglect, isolation and exploitation in order to ensure equitable development of all sections of the society for the balanced development of Indian ensured.


  • To develop a comprehensive, participatory and sustainable rural development programme.
  • To develop strong and self sustainable community based institutions.
  • To ensure social, economic and political empowerment of rural women, men and youth.
  • To improve quality of life through promoting sustainable livelihoods activities in Handicrafts, farm and non farm sector.
  • To enhance the skill of rural people in different sector through different skill development programs.
  • To ensure sustainable natural resource management.
  • To develop sustainable irrigation infrastructure in rural area.
  • To provide quality health services & safe drinking water to rural people.
  • To ensure sustainable rehabilitation process of disabled.
  • To develop strong networking and convergence in rural development programme.