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Chotanapgur Craft Development Society is a non profit making voluntary organization which came into existence in the year 1994.

In 1990s the country was facing a dead end ahead with a bleak hope of avoiding being categorized as a failure state. The national economy was in a state of shambles and the tremors were felt hard and loud everywhere in the nation in general and in rural areas in particular. The rural and tribal populations of the nation were in a state of dismay and no hope. The organization came into existent to rope in committed and concerted voluntary efforts to enable the stakeholders and initiate a process of change – a process of development. Right since our inception we see development as a process of de-envelopment. During the initial years focus was on building upon the existing skills of the community and thereby improving their economic condition as well as to promote alternate avenues of employment. Thereafter we have expanded our scope of operation – both horizontally and vertically taking up various other issues of development.

Chotanagpur Craft Development Society firmly believes that the causes of deprivation are multifaceted, complex like cobweb, interrelated due to causal-effect relationships, varied and often adaptive in nature. Since the causes are often interrelated and adaptive in nature hence more often than not we need to employ an integrated, coordinated, holistic and lifecycle approach which is community and area specific approach to development.

Over the years CCDS has attempted to enable people to say, “My life has changed, and changed for good.” Working under a model that integrates partnership, collaboration, cooperation, coordination, assistance, support and above all respect for the sanctity of human life with dignity of human being CCDS has been able to enable its stakeholders to say “My life has changed.” We are strengthened by the fabric of this relationship. They make what we do more meaningful, complete and efficient.